Web2.0ERC – European Resource Centre for Web2.0 Education startet

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Am Donnerstag findet in Paisley, an der University of the West of Scotland das Kick-Off-Meeting für ein Projekt aus dem Programm Lebenslanges Lernen statt.

PROJEKTkompetenz.eu ist eine von sieben Partnereinrichtungen, die an dem zweijährigen Projekt beteiligt sein wird. Ich bin schon gespannt auf das Starttreffen in Schottland.

„This project aims to enable the mass of educators who find ICT confusing and frightening to have a simple and secure environment to use ICT within their class. Today the ability of educators to use, create content and communicate on the Web is limited by complexity and sophistication of the offers available. Moreover many tools exist and teachers do not have time nor expertise to identify the best solution for their needs. Meanwhile students use and communicate easily and openly using Web2.0 tools (blogs , wikis, social networking, etc) and the technology gap between educators & students grows despite best efforts of national and European agencies. However, these tools have pedagogic value arising from sharing, communication and knowledge discovery that teachers could use to provide a more motivating, engaging, relevant and collaborative environment for students.“


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